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What is Plantar Fasciitis?


• Chronic Inflammation of the Plantar Fascia

Clinical Picture:


• Heel pain & Tightness aggravated by prolonged standing,      worse in the morning and improves with movement. 

Risk Factors:

• Excessive foot pronation (pes planus)

• Excessive Running

• High Arch (pes cavus)

• Leg Length Discrepancy

• Obesity

• Prolonged Standing

• Walking Occupation

• Achilles Tendon Tightness

• Tightness of Intrinsic Foot Muscles

Dr. Ryan is a certified Graston Practitioner and in his career has helped patients avoid surgery as well as helped post-operative patients who were still experiencing pain.  Dr.  Thomas is proud to provide our community with all the benefits Chiropractic and Graston technique have to offer.  Please call and begin your journey to a pain free lifestyle today!  

The Thomas Protocol

for the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis


1)Light Massage

2)Trigger Point Stretch

3)Graston Technique

4)Ice Massage

5)Rehab Exercise protocol

6)KT Taping

7)Chiropractic Adjustment

Dr. Thomas’s begins with a light massage of the area to help stimulate blood flow and proprioception.  He then uses a trigger point stretch technique to increase flexibility and promote optimal joint function.  Next, Graston Technique is utilized to assist the body in the breaking down of built up scar tissue. A ice massage is used to decrease inflammation and a rehab schedule is implemented to enhance the healing process.  KT taping is then  utilized to support the surrounding area. Lastly, a chiropractic adjustment is performed if any restrictions are present.  

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